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We provide a range of worldwide door to door on demand express delivery services. Delivery on the next working day is provided in Europe for consignments collected in normal business hours. Consignments collected on the day before a public or bank holiday will be delivered on the next working day after the holiday. We will deliver your consignments on the next working day at any time up to 5pm unless one of our optional next working morning or Saturday delivery services is requested.

On demand nationwide door to door same day service is also instantly available twenty four hours per day on every day of the year including public or bank holidays and this special round the clock immediate delivery service can be obtained by asking for Special Services.

To arrange a collection simple ? and if you are a new customer, you don?t even need to set-up an account with us to send your first shipment.

For collections, please call +90 216 466 60 48 / +90 505 337 18 28 for Turkey
+ 359 2 846 41 81 for Bulgaria
+40 31 4260 253 for Romania

Air freight is about speed with high demands on accuracy and dependability. We provide you and your customer?s complete flexibility by offering two levels of service, Door to Door and Door to Airport

Our Door-to-Door service
We will manage your shipment though its entire journey, from the collection from your premises to the selection of the most reliable direct route to the destination airport, customs clearance and final delivery to your customer on the date promised

Our Door-to-Airport service
We will provide the same high level of service and manage your shipment right through to the final destination airport. After arrival we rapidly handover the documentation to the control of your or your customers nominated agents or brokers for final clearance and delivery

Wherever you need it to go , we can deliver.

Time & day definite services

Choose from our range of time & day definite services to send documents, packages and freight for:
•  same day delivery
•  next day delivery - also by specified morning times
•  delivery on a specified day in 2 to 5 days

Express Import

We can collect from all over Europe and bring the delivery to you. That's our Express Import service
Time critical services

For an extremely urgent delivery of documents and packages, we will collect immediately and deliver non-stop by the fastest means
That makes our Dedicated Express and Special Express services ideal for time critical needs.

Flexible services - meeting your needs

Air freight
For large loads with special requirements we offer flexible freight services
Special handling services
We also offer our special handling service to meet your specific needs for delicate, high value items or dangerous items.

DPEX Europe is the fastest and most reliable provider of national, door-to-door, express delivery services for business mail, documents, parcels, pallets and freight.
After booking online or calling us , your shipment is collected at a convenient time on the same working day, usually in the afternoon, by one of our vehicles operating in your local area. You can also take your urgent shipments to a DPEX Europe Office.

We offer a range of comprehensive service options, which upon request, provide faster transit times than our standard Express, next working day delivery service, insert link these are:
? 9.00 Express
? 10.00 Express
? 12.00 Express
? Express Next working Day Delivery Service
? Saturday morning collection areas for Monday delivery service
? Saturday delivery service for consignments collected on Friday
Collection before 2pm on Saturday (of shipments notified to us by noon on Saturday), can be delivered on Monday in all capital cities mainland.

For full information on our services, please visit our DPEX Europe - Service Availability section.

Please contact DPEX Europe - Special Services, or call us . We also provide carriage forward services, which allow you to call your local DPEX Europe depot for a same working day collection to be made from any distant address, using our mobile data equipped fleet of response vehicles. Carriage forward shipments can be delivered to any address specified by you.

You must arrange for all the items in a carriage forward shipment to be correctly labelled and addressed by the sender. Please use the postcode in every case when completing our documentation.

Your goods will be carried on several different vehicles, and handled in various DPEX Europe depots, using automated, sortation systems within our network. Each shipment must therefore be safely and securely packed for transit.

track your shipment Proof of delivery is available in real time on our website, shortly after we deliver your shipment ? please use our online facility to enable you to electronically prepare consignment notes and address labels using your own computer equipment.

We collect for you

We can collect documents, parcels and freight from all over Europe and deliver them to your door when you need them.

We deal with customs

We handle all necessary customs clearance
Track and trace

We provide full tracking visibility of your shipment.

Pay in your currency

We bill you in your local currency.

Import shipping is available with all international Express services.

For the exact availability of import services and the most accurate and up-to-date transit times for your specific origins and destinations, please use our Check transit times tool or contact your local DPEX Europe representative


Make address labels clearly legible
Place labels on top of the parcel
Ensure label is securely affixed to the package
Include the recipients postcode
Include the recipients phone number where possible
Remove all old address labels
Ensure the barcode is placed flat
Include a return address
Include a duplicate label inside the package


Protect delicate items such as discs and CDs with additional protection
Wrap multiple items separately
Ensure the box/packaging used is suitable for the weight of the contents
Pack irregular shapes with added protection
Ensure metal objects are packaged and wrapped with extra care to prevent injury to our staff and damage to other customers' goods
Ensure highly finished items are well padded for protection
Ensure fragile items are well wrapped and packed as far away from edges as possible
Place documents in sturdy envelopes
Ensure items that could come into contact in transit have protection between then within the box
Stack pallets evenly, and secure with shrink wrapping, strapping or branding
Use high quality adhesive parcel tape to seal parcels

Direct, non-stop service

We provide a collection and delivery solutions for a direct, non-stop route to your desired destination, tailored to your individual needs. The security of your shipments is important to us, so we ensure that your goods are handled safely and securely at all times. Shipments are tracked throughout their journey and a proof of delivery is supplied.

Additional features of our road freight service include:

Immediate collection for urgent shipments
•  Planned collection times for regular or schedules shipments
•  Daily services to destinations throughout Europe
•  Transportation of any type of load, including hazardous materials
•  Handling of all import and export formalities •  Delivery of full and partial loads
•  Dedicated vehicle charter for special deliveries

We can transport your delicate or valuable item with extra special care, quickly and reliably. To give your special item the care it needs, we will send it by one of our time critical services. Tell us that this shipment needs special handling when you book.

Dangerous goods services

We advise you on the classification of your goods. We handle the documentation. Our experienced and qualified experts will transport your goods in specially equipped vehicles for maximum safety.

Secure transport

Our in-house security experts can advise you on transporting high value goods.

Clinical Express services

Our unique urgent delivery service for the medical, pharmaceutical and biotech industries.
For more information about Clinical Express services call your nearest DPEX Europe office.

We also handle...

Perishable loads in temperature controlled environments and delicate shipments.
You may also be interested in...

...our industry expertise in healthcare, hi-tech and computing, telecoms and electronics, automotive, industrial or textiles and fashion

All-round versatility

More than customised. "Customerised", to flex with your business needs.
All over the world, our name is synonymous with express delivery services. What you may not be so aware of, is our experience in a broader range of more flexible specialist services.
Whether it's providing a dedicated vehicle for a time-critical shipment, transporting heavy goods overseas or ensuring your fragile, valuable items are handled in the right way, we have the expertise to provide cost-effective solutions.
Those solutions are built around your needs - more than customised, they are "customerised" so that they do make a genuine difference to your business.
In short, you get added value. And that's what makes our special services, special.

Flexible to you

Flexibility and expertise. Two essential ingredients that enable us to create the exact solution you require.

Thanks to our integrated global and air network and industry know-how, we can be as flexible as you need us to be. That's one of the key benefits of using our special services - you're guaranteed a tailored solution that suits your individual requirements.

So, if you're under pressure to get a parcel there the same day, you want to send something out-of-the-ordinary overseas or you require specialised transportation, rest assured we're here to help you.

Our special services cover three main areas including:

Time-critical Services
A range of national and international on-demand delivery services for urgent shipments that offer speed, reliability and security.
? National on-demand delivery in the shortest possible time
? International on-demand delivery in the shortest possible time.
Freight Services
By air DPEX Europe gives you the flexibility of a range of worldwide freight services to suit your needs.
? Airfreight
Special Handling Services
Industry-specific and specialist transport solutions for shipments that require special handling by trained, experience staff.
? Special Projects
? Storapart
? Delivery Plus
Can we do it? What's the next step? Put us to the challenge

An immediate response

When you call, we collect immediately and deliver non-stop using
? the fastest means, whether aircraft, road vehicle or motorcycle
? the fastest and most direct route
We work round the clock to collect and deliver the same day for the most urgent shipments.

We offer two time critical services, Dedicated Express and Special Express.

Our Dedicated Express service

Whatever transport is needed, we provide a vehicle or courier dedicated to your delivery. We carry your shipment direct to its destination, outside our network.

Our Special Express service

If we can utilise our network for some or part of the journey and still match the transit time we can offer you using Dedicated Express.

Totally flexible

These are unique solutions for you, providing whatever you need including
? out of hours pick-up and delivery tiems
? no limitations on the size or weight of the shipment

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